is the founder of Gravity Stunts. Ronny has been working as a stunt rigger and water rescuer since 2009 and is now coordinating complex rigging and aerial show projects.

  • entertainment rigger SQQ2 L3
  • rope access supervisor
  • ppe specialist
  • height rescue specialist
  • rope climbing technology level A + K
  • instructor for aerial rigging
  • air rescue specialist
  • rescue diver
  • white water rescue specialist
  • HUET & sea survival Training



+49174 1618311


as an experienced stuntwoman since 2006 and health and safety officer, she also takes her own projects and is in the process of further qualifying herself in rigging.

  • fully qualified lawyer
  • height worker level 2
  • rope climbing technology level a
  • ppe expert 
  • truss expert
  • rescue diver


is your contact for international projects. In addition to his fluency, he enjoys being a head rigger and engineer just as much as underwater exploring shipwrecks and caves.

  • industrial engineer
  • height worker 
  • instructor for aerial rigging
  • ppe expert
  • base flying team leader
  • house running team leader
  • rope climbing technology level A
  • Mountain Specialist 
  • rescue diver
  • master diver



+49163 6367969



We would also be happy to recommend choreographers, artists and dancers who specialize in aerial acrobatics and aerial dance.